Conversation: Dr. Brook Ziporyn

Current Philosophy Undergraduates Zulhaqem Zulkifli and Koo Hao Wei sat down to interview Dr Brook Ziporyn, a visiting scholar from the University of Chicago who taught HY4113 Special Topics in Chinese Philosophy: Theories of Buddha-Nature at Nanyang Technological University. They talked about Daoist and Buddhist philosophy, buskering, and language immersion. Zul: The first thing we … Continue reading Conversation: Dr. Brook Ziporyn

Conversation: Professor Frank Jackson

Former philosophy undergraduate, Harisan Nasir, and current philosophy undergraduate, Shalom Chalson, recently had the opportunity to speak with Australian philosopher, Professor Frank Jackson. This is their email interview. NYPR: How did you come to study, work in, and teach philosophy?  Professor Frank Jackson: My parents were both philosophers, that was certainly a factor. Nevertheless, I … Continue reading Conversation: Professor Frank Jackson

Conversation: Assoc. Prof. Franklin Perkins

Philosophy undergraduates, Harisan Nasir and Ng Ling Xuan sat down for an interview with Associate Professor Franklin Perkins. They talked about philosophy, grad school, house fires, and Bruce Lee. NYPR: What prompted you to become a philosopher? Prof. Franklin Perkins: I was always interested in reading a lot and in ideas and so in college I double … Continue reading Conversation: Assoc. Prof. Franklin Perkins