Longform: Zhuangzi’s “Perfect Words” – A Variation of “Goblet Words”

Written and Illustrated by Koo Hao Wei I. Introduction The term “perfect words” is specific only to the Outer Chapters of Zhuangzi. It is first introduced in Heaven and Earth, then appeared in Tian Zifang and Knowledge Wandered North, although not much is explained about its meaning. There are no scholarly works in the English … Continue reading Longform: Zhuangzi’s “Perfect Words” – A Variation of “Goblet Words”

Conversation: Dr. Brook Ziporyn

Current Philosophy Undergraduates Zulhaqem Zulkifli and Koo Hao Wei sat down to interview Dr Brook Ziporyn, a visiting scholar from the University of Chicago who taught HY4113 Special Topics in Chinese Philosophy: Theories of Buddha-Nature at Nanyang Technological University. They talked about Daoist and Buddhist philosophy, buskering, and language immersion. Zul: The first thing we … Continue reading Conversation: Dr. Brook Ziporyn